M.S. Degree Programs

The department offers both research-based Plan A and coursework-based Plan B Masters of Science degrees on a limited basis. Please contact the department at (970) 491-5566 or email Kristen DeQuasie (Kristen.DeQuasie@colostate.edu), for more information if you are interested in applying to either of these programs.

The research-based Plan A M.S. degree program is primarily for students participating in our combined BS/MS Degree program and we generally do not admit students for this degree unless they have established a prior research relationship with a faculty mentor.

The coursework-based Plan B M.S. degree program entails taking the core curriculum of our Ph.D. program (excluding lab rotations and the grant writing course) and additional courses from within and outside the department to reach a total of 32 credits. The Plan B degree does not require a research project and students do not receive financial support.