Protein Purification Facility

A CSU Specialized Facility dedicated to the fabrication, purification, solution-state characterization and crystal structure determination of proteins. Offering instrumentation, training, consulting and assistance to the research community.


Protein Expression/Purification Facility

Dr. Hataichanok (Mam) Scherman, DirectorDr. Hataichanok Scherman

A fully equipped facility to express recombinant proteins in eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems. Custom strategies and state-of-the-art instrumentation for small to large scale purifications.


Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography Facility

Dr. Mark van der Woerd, DirectorMark van der Woerd

Temperature controlled crystallization room, rotating anode x-ray generator, 2 image plate detectors, and computational facility for elucidating protein and nucleic acid structure at atomic resolution.


The protein facilities are open to all CSU faculty staff and students as well as to the external scientific community. Training is offered for those who wish to work independently. Fee-for-services instrumentation and data analysis is also available. Please contact the appropriate Director to discuss specific requirements and costs for your project.

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