Cellular Biochemistry

Cellular biochemistry focuses on the signaling processes that permit the elaborate cell-cell communication required in a multicellular organism.  Five research groups are currently studying cellular biochemistry, focusing their research on the rapid changes in cytoskeletal proteins, protein kinases, membrane lipids, and small ions that accompany extracellular signals.  These groups utilize a broad array of biochemical techniques including fluorescence and electron microscopy, gene expression, and electrophysiology to characterize these fundamental biological processes.


The Role of ADF in Neural Degeneration:  Dr. Bamburg
The HTLV-1 Tax Protein and T-Cell Immortalization:  Dr. Nyborg


Mechanisms of Mitotic Chromosome Segregation  Dr. DeLuca


Regulation of Muscle Excitability:  Dr. Tamkun


Dynamics of the Neuronal Cytoskeleton:  Dr. Bamburg
Cofilin and Actin in Neuronal Function: Dr. Barbara Bernstein

Retrovirus Assembly and Budding

Cellular Factors That Regulate the Gag-Actin Interactions for Gag Polyprotein Trafficking:  Dr. Chen
Viral Determinants for the Actin Cytoskeleton Association:   Dr. Chen

Signal Transduction

Regulation of ADF/Cofilin Proteins:  Dr. Bamburg

Ubiquitin metabolism and ubiquitin-mediated signaling

Regulation of deubiquitination enzymes: Dr. Cohen & Dr. Tingting Yao
Polyubiquitin recognition in signaling pathways: Dr. Cohen & Dr. Tingting Yao