Gene Expression

The department has five research groups studying mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in eucaryotes. The spectrum of research ranges from studies on the fundamental mechanisms of transcription in yeast to characterization of aberrant gene regulation in human cancers. The research utilizes emerging technologies in molecular genetics, cellular biochemistry, and biophysical chemistry to address critical questions in one of the most complex processes in a living organism.


Effect of Acidosis on Renal Gene Expression:  Dr. Curthoys
Reconstitution of Yeast Chromatin; Chromatin Structure and the Regulation of Gene Expression:  Dr. Laybourn
Transcriptional Activation by the Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Tax Protein; Involvement of Coactivators and Tumor Suppressors:  Dr. Nyborg
Fundamental Transcription and Regulation Mechanisms of RNA Polymerases I and III in Eukaryotic Cells: Dr. Paule
Mechanisms of Transcriptional Initiation by RNA Polymerase II:  Dr. Stargell
Regulation of chromatin structure and dynamics by histone ubiquitination: Dr. Tingting Yao

Departmental Collaborations

Structural Analysis of RNA Polymerase II General Transcription Factors:  Dr. Stargell
TBP Mutants that Specifically Affect Rribosomal RNA Transcription:  Dr. Paule & Dr. Stargell
Viral Transactivation in a Chromatin Context:  Dr. Laybourn & Dr. Nyborg
Structure Function of Transcription Factors:  Dr. Laybourn
High Resolution Structural Studies on Viral Activator Complexes:  Dr. Luger & Dr. Nyborg
Mechanism of RNA Polymerase I Nucleosome Stripping from Transcribed Ribosomal RNA Genes:  Dr. Paule, Dr. Luger & Dr. Laybourn