Structural Biology

Six research groups in the department are working to unravel the biophysical basis of complex biological events spanning from the cell surface to the nucleus. The research includes detailed structural studies on chromatin and transcription complexes and the protein-protein interactions involved in the cell cycle. Other research projects delve into the biophysical mechanism of protein folding, stability and design, and the basic methodologies that are used in the determination of biomolecular structure and dynamics. X-ray diffraction, analytical ultracentrifugation, and optical spectroscopic methods are being used to evaluate the structure and dynamics of the multi-component molecular machines that are central to the processes of gene-regulation, energy interconversion and signalling, and cell-cycle regulation.


Analysis of Macromolecular Assemblies:  Dr. Hansen, Dr. Luger, Dr.Peersen
Amyloid Fibril Formation:  Dr. Ross
Protein Folding:  Dr. Woody
Analysis of Macromolecular Assemblies: Dr. Cohen


X-Ray Crystallography:  Dr. Luger & Dr. Peersen
Optical Spectroscopy:  Dr. Woody
Analytical Ultracentrifugation:  Dr. Hansen