Protein translation in real time in living cellsMay 5, 2016

IGAF scientists Tim Stasevich and Jennifer DeLuca image protein translation in real time in living cells. Read more…

CSU chemistry professors Zadrozny and Bandar receive prestigious Cottrell Scholar Award

For the first time in CSU history, the Cottrell Scholar Award honors more than one professor.

The Department of Statistics celebrates its 50th anniversary

This year the Colorado State University Department of Statistics is celebrating its 50th anniversary – marking five decades of world-class education, research, service, and interdisciplinary support of the CSU community through powerful application of foundational science.

National Geographic film reveals how CSU researchers track bird migration through feathers

“Feathers in Flight: The Bird Genoscape Project” is a National Geographic film featuring CSU’s innovative research focusing on bird migration and conservation.

Genetic material packaged inside cells is more solid than liquid

The discovery could lead to more accurate understanding of how the genome is encoded and decoded.