The Institute


Genomes and DNA structure sampler

Our Mission

To make a significant contribution to human knowledge by elucidating genome architecture at all levels of resolution and revealing its diverse functions.


Our Vision

IGAF is devoted to basic and applied collaborative research in the field of genome architecture and function. The Institute is committed to:

Revealing the structure and central roles of the genome in gene transcription, DNA replication and repair, and cell division.

Advancing our understanding of genetic regulatory networks and how they contribute to health, disease, and evolution.

Developing and providing state-of-the art imaging tools, structural and molecular biological technical resources, as well as computational and mathematical models and methods.


The Functions of the Institute:

  1. Enable collaborative and interdisciplinary research
  2. Develop and disseminate enabling technologies
  3. Facilitate broader scope and innovation

Under this umbrella, the Institute for Genome Architecture and Function will primarily serve to:

Provide research project support to Institute members;

Develop and support centralized core facilities and technologies;

Establish an Institute Seminar Program;

Establish a Genomics Summer Course and Workshop Program;

Provide graduate and postdoctoral fellowships;

Develop collaborative and competitive funding proposals.