The Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology offers a high quality learning environment for both undergraduate and graduate students within a high powered research program. We offer exciting research opportunities for our undergraduate majors and highly personalized training to Ph.D. graduate students and postdoctoral trainees. The BMB faculty has a tradition of excellence in teaching, while their research accomplishments have been recognized nationally and internationally in the areas of biochemistry, and molecular, cellular, and structural biology, and is supported by the highest levels of external funding per faculty in the College of Natural Sciences.


Neuroscience research leverages stem cells to understand how neurons connect, communicate in the brain

Newly published research from Colorado State University answers fundamental questions about cellular connectivity in the brain that could be useful in the development of treatments for neurological diseases like autism, epilepsy or schizophrenia.

Q & A: Citing your own work

Colorado State University researcher, Sean Cascarina, delves into the significant implications of self-referencing while presenting insights gleaned from his study on the subject.

How a CSU scientist’s research into how viruses mutate could have big implications during the next pandemic

CSU Professor Olve Peersen’s team focuses on bettering understanding the mechanisms behind how RNA viruses replicate and mutate, information that could lead to better treatments and vaccines for both new and emerging pathogens. 

Interdisciplinary research at Colorado State showcases key cell activity in real time

Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a new imagining technique that shows key cellular interactions over time and space in a way that was not previously possible.





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