PLAN A Masters 2019

Graduate School requirements for graduation with an MS degree (Plan A):

  • At least 30 total credits are required
  • A minimum of 24 credits must be earned at CSU (before or after admission into the graduate school)
  • A minimum of 21 CSU credits must be earned after admission into the Graduate School
  • A minimum of 16 CSU credits must be in 500-level or higher courses (before or after admission)
  • A minimum 12 credits of these 16 CSU credits must be in didactic courses (numbered X81 or below)

PLAN B Masters 2019

The Plan B Masters program in Biochemistry offers a rigorous and extensive education in biochemistry. It provides students with in-depth knowledge in the fields of cellular biochemistry, gene expression, bioinformatics, molecular genetics, and biophysics, and includes training in communication skills, responsible conduct in research, and opportunities for research projects.  Our curriculum is taught by tenure-track faculty with extensive research experience in cutting edge areas of biochemistry.

The curriculum prepares students for careers in academia, government, biotechnology, medicine, or the pharmaceutical industry, as well as strengthening applications to professional or graduate schools.

The Master of Science in Biochemistry Plan B is a one-year, non-thesis study of foundational and current innovations in biochemical concepts. Total credits: 30

Future students, please note that Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department has Differential Tuition associated with the plan B Masters program of $120 per credit hour in additional to regular tuition.


Potential list of electives (additional courses may also qualify, please check with academic advisor):