Undergraduate Advising


Aaron Sholders, Key Advisor

Dr. Aaron Sholders Undergraduate Program Coordinator aaron.sholders@colostate.edu (970) 491-7916


Dr. Brian Kalet
Academic Success Coordinator brian.kalet@colostate.edu (970) 491-3353

Biochemistry majors have access to advising through two channels. Academic advising for course registration is handled primarily in group sessions by the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Aaron Sholders, and the Academic Success Coordinators, Dr. Brian Kalet and Stasi Brazil-Engleman, M.Ed.  Sessions are held each semester just prior to the start of registration. We strongly encourage students to register for one of these sessions using the following website: https://apps.natsci.colostate.edu/bmb/advising/. In addition to a Key Advisor, each student is assigned a primary advisor who is a current faculty member of the Department of Biochemistry. Your primary advisor can help you in a number of ways including: career advising/mentoring, specialized academic needs and academic advising in the event that you cannot attend one of the group advising sessions. To find your primary advisor, visit RAMweb and follow the “My Advisor” link. New and transfer students will receive their primary advisor assignments in their first semester of attendance.


Stasi Brazil-Engleman, M.Ed.
Academic Support Coordinator