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Q & A: Citing your own work

Colorado State University researcher, Sean Cascarina, delves into the significant implications of self-referencing while presenting insights gleaned from his study on the subject.

Interdisciplinary research at Colorado State showcases key cell activity in real time

Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a new imagining technique that shows key cellular interactions over time and space in a way that was not previously possible.

CSU researchers shed light on the mechanisms of cellular transport that prevent severe brain disease

New findings from the Markus Lab identify an important step in the process by which the molecular motor dynein is turned “on” so that it can transport various cellular cargoes to their destinations in cells.

CSU student helps secure new state law on water quality in mobile home parks

A Colorado State University student has played a key role in securing new regulations to protect water quality in mobile home parks – after learning that elevated levels of lead were found in the water at the mobile home park where they live.