Biochemistry majors have access to advising through two channels. Academic advising for course registration is handled primarily by the Academic Success Coordinators, Dr. Brian Kalet and Dr. Corey Rosenberg and the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Aaron Sholders.  In addition to an Academic Advising Contact, each student is assigned a Primary Advising Contact.  Your Academic Advising Contact will specialize in course registration while your Primary Advising Contact is a current faculty member of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and can help you in a number of ways including: career advising/mentoring, specialized academic needs and academic advising.  To find your advising contacts, visit RAMweb and follow the “My Advisor” link.  If you only have an Academic Advising Contact listed, that advisor will serve the roles of both the Academic Advising Contact and the Primary Advising Contact.  New and transfer students will receive their advisor contacts in their first semester of attendance.



Certain courses in the Undergraduate program have internal waitlists, which are independent from RamWeb.  If you cannot find a waitlist when registering in RamWeb please email us at; you will be contacted by the department when you are able to register for the course.  Courses with independent waitlists include: BC 404, LIFE 201b, LIFE 203, LIFE 210, and LIFE 212.

Academic Success Coordinator

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Assistant Professor

*Please email or call your advisor to schedule an advising appointment*