Tom Santangelo Professor

Office: MRB 383

Phone: (970) 491-3150


  • Ph.D., Cornell University


Mechanisms of transcription regulation and RNA editing

Members of the Archaea often occupy unique, harsh, and ever-changing biological niches. These changing environments necessitate precise and timely regulation of gene expression. Our laboratory focuses on the regulation of transcription, from a global perspective to a detailed structure-function analysis of the archaeal RNA polymerase.

Mechanisms of DNA replication and repair

Some aspect of archaeal replication are novel to this Domain and the replicative strategies of archaeal species, particularly regarding replisome function and lagging strand DNA synthesis, remain poorly defined. We employ genetic and biochemical strategies to investigate the factors involved in DNA replication in vivo and vitro.

Respiratory energy production systems and lipid metabolism

Thermococcus kodakarensis is reliant on a fermentative energy production pathway that either produces bio-hydrogen or reduces elemental sulfur. The electron flux associated with each pathway is under study using genetic and biochemical approaches. Rational metabolic-engineering efforts to generate strains with altered hydrogen production levels are also a focus of our research.