A minimum grade of C (2.000) must be earned for BC493 and all biochemistry (BC) and LIFE prefix lecture and laboratory courses at or above the 200-level required in the biochemistry major.

Freshman Year
BC 192 Biochemistry Freshman Seminar, 2cr
LIFE 102 Attributes of Living Systems, 4cr
LIFE 201B Introductory Genetics, 3cr
LIFE 203 Introductory Genetics Lab, 2cr
CHEM 111, 113 General Chemistry I, II, 7cr
CHEM 112, 114 General Chemistry Laboratory I, II, 2cr
CO 150 College Composition, 3cr
MATH 155, 255 Calculus for Biological Scientists I, II, 8cr
MATH 160, 161 Calculus for Physical Scientists I, II, 8cr
Total credits Freshman year 31cr

Sophomore Year
CHEM 341 Modern Organic Chemistry I, 3cr
CHEM 343 Modern Organic Chemistry II, 3cr
CHEM 344 Modern Organic Chemistry Lab, 2cr
LIFE 210 Eukaryotic Cell Biology, 3cr
LIFE 212 Eukaryotic Cell Biology Lab, 2cr
PH 121 General Physics I, 5cr
PH 141 Physics for Scientists and Engineers I, 5cr
Bioscience elective, 3-4cr
Communications elective (AUCC Cat. 2*), 3cr
Electives from AUCC Cat. 3B-E*, 3cr
Free elective, 3cr
Total credits Sophomore year 30cr

Junior Year
STAT 301 Introduction to Statistical Methods, 3cr
STAT 307 Introduction to Biostatistics, 3cr
STAT 315 Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
PH 122 General Physics II, 5cr
PH 142 Physics for Scientists and Engineers II, 5cr
BC 360 Responsible Conduct in Biochemical Research, 1cr
BC 401 Comprehensive Biochemistry I, 3cr
BC 403 Comprehensive Biochemistry II, 3cr
BC 404 Comprehensive Biochemistry Laboratory, 2cr
Bioscience elective, 3-4cr
Electives from AUCC Cat. 3B-E*, 9cr
AUCC Cat. 2, 3cr
Free electives, 3cr
Total credits Junior year 29cr

Senior Year
Senior Thesis:
BC 499A Laboratory Research-based Thesis, 3cr
BC 499B Literature-based Thesis for General Biochemistry, 3cr
BC 411 Physical Biochemistry, 4cr
BC 463 Molecular Genetics, 3cr
BC 465 Molecular Regulation of Cell Function, 3cr
BC 493 Seminar, 1cr
Bioscience elective, 3cr
Electives from AUCC Cat. 3B-E*, 3cr
Free electives, 7cr
Total credits Senior year 30cr

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Please note:

All entering freshmen should take the Mathematics Placement Examination prior to registration. As a result of that exam some students may need to take one or more review courses (MATH 117, MATH 118, MATH 124, MATH 125, or MATH 126) before registering in MATH 155 or MATH 160, while others may be exempted from some or all of the review courses.

Bioscience electives are to be selected by the student in consultation with his/her advisor using a list approved by the department.

Communications elective is selected from the All-University Core Curriculum Category 2* list. (The Department highly recommends CO 301B.)

A minimum of 15 credits must be earned in Category 3 of the All-University Core Curriculum*. Credits in each category must be taken in at least two departments. Foreign language cannot count toward more than one-half of these credits. These requirements are met by completing the AUCC requirements* from categories 3B, 3C, 3D, and 3E.

Free electives are chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor.

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