Several Biochemistry and Molecular Biology students were recognized for their work at the 2015 Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC) Showcase:

Poster with Highest Honors:
Dominique Ramirez:
Biochemical Approaches to Clarify the Role of K63-Linked Polyubiquitin in the Regulation of Autophagosome Biogenesis; Advisors: Robert Cohen, Tingting Yao & Francesco Scavone

Poster with High Honors:
Sara Dellinger and Taylor Lucia:
Exploring the properties of several Vitamin K analogs and their potential as substrates for the newly discovered Mycobacterium tuberculosis enzyme; Advisors: Debbie Crans and Jordan Koehn

Posters with College Honors:
Lindsay Benage:
Mechanism of impaired fatty acid oxidation in tafazzin deficient cardiac mitochondria; Advisor: Adam Chicco

Kyle Byrne: Discovering the Structure and Function of Archaeal Nucleosomes; Advisor: Tom Santangelo

Nicholas McGlashen: Hypoglycemic Effects of Biguanice-VanadylComplexes; Advisor: Debbie Crans

Dawnetta McGowan: Motor Proteins and Anaphase Elongation Rates in
Budding Yeast;
Advisor: Steven Markus

Brittani Watkins: Yeast model of RNA binding proteins containing putative prion-like domains in neurodegenerative diseases; Advisor: Eric Ross

Sarah Stonedahl: Investigating the role of Spn1 in mRNA processing and genomic stability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae; Advisor: Cathy Radebaugh

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